Game Date 4/23/1986 – 4/25/1986. Haskell University and Dooley farm in Lawrence, KS.



After the cockroach mishap on the Dooley farm, you all were very glad to get back to a normal life, for all of 15 minutes. The next day in the news you find out that a professor at Haskell University was killed brutally on 4/24/1986 on the Dooley farm. That made you all question if the cockroach mishap was really resolved.

So on 4/25 each of you individually (for the most part) start to investigate. After inquiring with the Dooley’s you find out that Professor Jane Moema had taken some bones back to her lab at the university. Somehow, coincidentally you all just happened to “meet up” at the school. Overall you enter into the university under the guise of potential students, and sneak off and find the professor’s classroom/lab. There you discovered that the professor had an assistant that had also handled the bones. You go to check on the assistant Meli.

Meli’s roommate answers the door, and you can see that she has clearly been crying. You ask for Meli, and the roommate informs you that she was brutally murdered yesterday on 4/24 (the same way as the professor). And coincidentally at the same time of day. This now has you all freaked out, and it coming up on 4:30pm on 4/25, so you wonder what is going to happen now.

At some point you end up spilling the entire situation to another professor at the Haskell univeristy. Professor Howi Sarsi is a firm believer of those things supernatural, and he shares your conclusion that the spirits must be laid to rest. He has access to a ritual that must be performed. In addition he loans you two indian artifacts from the school. An “Indian Tomahawk” and “Indian Spear” (both magical and in the items tab). You go to check on the assistant Meli.

You hurriedly head back to the Dooley farm to find Frank Dooley was just killed in the same way…Sara is devastated.

Killing Timeline:

Next Session

  • Still level 1

Need to perform the ritual at the old Indian grounds burial site:

  • All 14 bone pieces must be returned
  • Must be at the same time as when it was disturbed (4:30pm)
  • 4/26 at 4:30 will be the ritual time
  • David “Sonny” South will perform the ritual and must pass the tests



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