Game Date 4/26/1986. Dooley farm northeast of Lawrence, KS. Weather: 76 degrees, clear with good visibility, and breezy.

Character Names



  • Casper Blake was not able to attend the ritual due to other prior obligations with his family.
  • Ritual @ Dooley farm and fight a Plague Shadow and three regular shadows. The three regular shadows took on the form of Frank, Jane, and Meli. After 1 complete minute of ritual, they are all finally dispatched. Greg has really good notes on this session.
    • Angela Lynn Noble is nearly killed by a shadow, and was only saved because Sara Dooley was nearby to save her.
    • David “Sonny” South was infected by the Plague Shadow’s Shadow Blight Curse/Disease. David “Sonny” South must roll a fortitude save of DC 16 or take 1d8 STR damage daily. Sara has agreed to stay with David “Sonny” South or be available every day to cast Bless and Guidance to boost his save efforts. She also will be providing Lesser Restoration daily if needed to keep him from turning into a Plague Shadow.
      • The Shadow Blight can only be cured with successive Remove Curse and Remove Disease, in that order and within 1 minute of each other. Sara does not know either of these spells yet (she must be able to cast 3rd level cleric spells).
  • All of you get invited to dinner 7 days (on 5/2/1986) after the ritual at J. Gilberts. Joe Singer, Bobby Singer (Joe’s uncle), Sara Dooley, and Sheila Heidmar (a local shop owner and Joe Singer’s girlfriend).
    • Sheila talks up the group and confesses she knows much more about the supernatural than she orignally let on. Boobby is also well versed in supernatural. The name John is passed around the dinner table, because he is a “hunter” in search of the yellow eyed demon. That demon killed John’s wife Mary, and nearly killed his infant son Sam. John has another son named Dean who is older than Sam. A last name was not given.


  • After this session, level up to Level 2. Each of you will gain 1d6 sanity back at gaining 2nd level.
  • The quest to find and obtain the seven shards of sin was revealed at dinner, and Sheila will be helping them, among regular research, to seek out these shards.



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