Roberto Moretti (Bobby)


Played by Russ Cox

In Game Interests

  • Ghosts


October 12, 1980

“But, I don’t understand, Grampy, mommy said…”
“I know what your mother told you, but I need you to listen to me. Someday you will understand all of this, Bobby, I promise you that.”

It was a chilly day today, a little too cold for October. There had been an unnatural chill since yesterday. Roberto Moretti, now three and a half years old, walked in the yard next to Gustavo Rizzo, his Grampy. Gus looked down at Bobby and saw the young boy give a small shiver. “Here, let me fix that.” Gus said as he bent to straighten the grey woolen scarf and matching hat. Gus looked deep into Bobby’s eyes. “Bobby, I am going to tell you something that is very important. You need to pay close attention.” They continue their walk, just small circles around the front yard, and talked.

Bobby had originally come outside to play when Grampy had showed up to the front gate. With a playful laugh, Bobby ran to the gate to greet him. Bobby was happy to see him. The mood soon turned to a not so pleasant one when Bobby had looked at Grampy’s solemn face.

“Remember, Bobby, remember.” Gus gave Bobby a kiss on the forehead and playfully pulled his hat over his eyes. When Bobby pulled the hat back up, giggling, Grampy was gone.

He looked quickly around the yard, then back to the front door of his house. “Grampy must have gone inside to see mommy” he concluded and proceeded to head up the stairs to the front porch. As he reached for the door handle, he heard his mother inside.

“Yes, thank you (sniff) for calling.” “Yes, (sniff) it was sudden.” “No, no there is nothing we need. Thank you (sniff).” “Ok, good buy.” As he opened the door, his mother, Anita, was hanging up the phone. She placed the receiver on the cradle, leaned heavily on the phone for a second, gave another sniffle and looked to Bobby. “Son, where have you been?”

“Outside, talking to Grampy.” Anita’s face went pale. “You’ve been what?” she asked. “Talking to Grampy. He came to visit. Didn’t he come inside?” Anita began to cry, composed herself and walked to Bobby. “Mommy, what’s wrong? Maybe Grampy can make you feel better. I’ll go find him.” Anita stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. “Bobby, I told you, Grampy died yesterday. He is in heaven now.” “No, he’s not, he was outside just now. He talked to me.”

“That’s impossible, Bobby” Anita sniffed. “No, he told me…” “BOBBY, that’s enough.”
Bobby bowed his head and started to cry and whispered. “But he told me how he died…..”

The Truth of Bobby and Grampy


Roberto Moretti (Bobby)

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