Jayson 2.0 Zeir


Played by Bill Foley


During the visit to the Lupei Castle in Romania:

The party decided to have you escort the freed prisoners back to town while the party cleaned out the rest of the vampire lair. You took 5 freed prisoners out of the lair, and headed back to town. As soon as you got outside the cave mouth, the female prisoner went nuts and attacked you and the other 4 prisoners. She was surprisingly strong and fast for someone in such a bad state, she snapped each of the other 4 prisoners necks in the “surprise round”, and then she overwhelmed you in the next (beat your initiative). She bit you on the neck, and you were effectively rendered helpless after she won the grapple check and pinned you. She continued to deeply drink your blood. You could feel your life essence draining away, but you were powerless…powerless for multiple reasons.

The first reason was that the bite was as if you were enraptured into the most wonderful feeling you had ever encountered. You felt strong, yet you knew you were dying if she drained all of your blood. The second reason was because she would pause occasionally from drinking your blood. Every time she stopped she pulled back her head and looked into your eyes. She was becoming startlingly beautiful the more she drank of your blood. She effectively Awed you and you now know you would do anything for her.

She did not kill you with her bite, but she did leave you enraptured “paralyzed” and dying, and she headed back into the cave. A few minutes later you saw an exceptionally handsome man who had multiple gunshot wounds (but not bleeding) exit the cave in haste. He looked at you and smiled charmingly and said, “I see that Teresa has left you for dead. My name is Petru, and I have something more important for you to do instead of dying.”

Petru pulled out a book from a satchel that he had slung over his shoulder, and perused the book for a few seconds. He then began to chant an incantation that chilled you to the bone. In fact, you felt your bones begin to ache, and then you were in excruciating pain as your skeletal frame was ripped from your body by an unknown force. You did not pass out, but you wish you had. Lying next to you in the dirt and leaves was a skeleton frame that you could only assume was yours…wait, you felt no pain now. Your body seemed to be intact.

Over the next several rounds the skeletal frame started to change rapidly. Organs started appearing, muscle tissue began to grow, skin quickly covered all exposed areas, and finally hair grew in all of the appropriate spots. You looked closer…at a copy of you.

Petru took off your clothes and gear and put them on your doppelganger. You lie naked in the dirt and leaves. Petru spoke a few more words of incantation, and you nearly passed out from the vertigo you experienced. Closing your eyes didn’t help. But you did realize one thing quickly, when your eyes were closed you saw through the doppelganger’s eyes. The vision was a bit foggy, but you could make out everything that the doppelganger saw. The tendrils of connection grew stronger, and you realized that if you thought hard enough you might just be able to manipulate or take over the doppelganger. You forced your will on the doppelganger and won over control.

Just as you had wrestled control over the doppelganger’s body, Petru hit the doppelganger to the ground, pounced upon it, bit its neck, and began to drink deeply. You immediately lost control of the link, but you could still see what the doppelganger saw when your eyes were shut. Petru finished his evening snack (he looked fully refreshed and healed), beat the doppelganger up a little bit (just for effect), told it to play dead, picked you up, and left. You passed out from loss of blood.

You awoke up sometime later, and realized that you were cold, shivering, felt a little bit better, was tied (securely) to a medical gurney, and was in a small room with dim lighting. When you close your eyes you can see and hear what is going on with your doppelganger (as long as you are awake).

From this point forward, until you are “rescued”, you will be playing as the doppelganger. You would act and play normally, however you cannot tell anyone that you are a doppelganger. Your real body and consciousness will witness everything in game and will gain experience and levels as the doppelganger. Every once in a while I will tell you that you need to do something (an order from Petru), and you must comply. How you comply is up to you.

Your real body and consciousness will witness everything in game and will gain experience and levels as the doppelganger. Your doppelganger body will have all of the same knowledge, classes, feats, skills, experience points (gain experience points and levels at the same rate as before), and etc as your original character plus:

Doppelganger Template:

  • +2 STR, +2 DEX, +2 CON, +2 INT, +4 WIS, +2 CHA
  • Medium size
  • Base land speed 30 feet
  • Darkvision 60 feet
  • Racial Hit Die: Gain 4d8 HP (must roll, no averages)
  • Racial Skills: +4 racial bonus to Deception
  • BAB +4
  • Fort +1, Ref +4, and Will +4 (these act as class bonuses and do not stack with starting class bonus. Take the highest)
  • Racial Feats: Ability focus (2 to ATT for Detect thoughts attack), Improved Natural Armor (1 bonus to natural armor)
  • 5 natural armor bonus to reflex defense (4 racial and +1 from Improve Natural Armor feat)
  • Special Attacks: Detect thoughts (Su): Can continually use detect thoughts as the spell (caster level 18th; Will Attack +3 +CHA modifier +2 for Ability focus vs. Will Defense negates). Can suppress or resume this ability as a free action.
  • Immunity to sleep and charm effects

If you are ever rescued (you may choose not to try to be rescued) then you will lose the template benefits, and you will retain all knowledge, levels, feats, skill, experience, etc that you took as playing the doppelganger. If you choose not to try and get rescued, then your doppelganger will be considered a spy for Petru and his lineage, your experiences will be funneled back to Petru through a mind link, and you may someday be asked to betray the party.


Jayson 2.0 Zeir

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