01-01 Wendigo

Season 1

First aired: (20/09/05)
Story: Ron Milbauer & Terri Hughes Burton
Teleplay: Eric Kripke
Director: David Nutter
Guest star: Timothy Webber (Ranger Wilkinson), Cory Monteith (Gary), Gina Holden (Haley Collins) Roy Campsall (wendigo) Alden Ehrenreich (Ben Collins) Callum Wardie (Tommy Collins) Rhys Williams (Brad) Wren Robertz (Local) Tamara Lashley (Paramedic)

H3. Official WB Description

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) follow the coordinates left in their father’s journal and land in the middle of the woods where they investigate the disappearance of several campers. The two brothers soon learn they are dealing with a wendigo, a creature made famous in Native America legends. A wendigo is a former human whose cannibalism has transformed him into a creature with superhuman strength and speed that feasts on human flesh.

H3. Full Synopsis

BLACKWATER RIDGE, LOST CREEK, COLORADO- The episode opens to a campsite at night. Inside the tents 3 boys are playing video games and sending video messages. (Gary, Brad and Tommy) Brad goes outside telling them nature calls and we hear growls and Brad scream. Gary gets up to check and is dragged from the tent. Tommy screams and the screen goes black.

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA- Sam walks up to his girlfriend Jessica’s grave with flowers. A hand reaches from her grave and grabs him. Sam wakes from his dream in a start in Dean’s car. The brothers talk about finding their dad and Jess’s killer and Sam wonders why the coordinates their dad left send them into the middle of nowhere to Blackwater.

RANGERS VISITORS CENTER- Sam and Dean talk to Ranger Wilkinson about Blackwater Ridge and he mistakenly takes them for friends of a girl whose brother vanished there. Dean decides they should go visit the girl and tricks the ranger into helping.

HAILEY COLLINS HOME- Sam and Dean pose as rangers and tell Hailey and her other brother, Ben they’ve been sent to help. Hailey says Tommy, her brother hasn’t phoned for 3 days. She shows them videos he sent to her laptop. Sam spots something but doesn’t mention it. Dean says he and Sam are going to Blackwater in the morning and Hailey says she is too, to look for Tommy along with Ben.

BAR- Sam shows Dean newspaper articles that show people have been going missing in Blackwater every 23 years. He also shows Tommy’s video again frame by frame and there’s a fast moving shadow outside the tent. Sam suggests they go see the only known survivor from a supposed bear attack back in 1959.

MR SHAW, THE SURVIVORS HOUSE- Shaw tells Sam and Dean it wasn’t a grizzly bear that attacked his family, as it was smart enough to unlock the cabin door. He also says it roared like no man or animal and moved like lightning.

LEAVING THE OLD MAN’S HOUSE- Sam and Dean discuss what they’re dealing with and decide it’s something corporeal, and that they can kill it.

THE WOODS THE NEXT DAY- Dean and Sam arrive just as Hailey, Ben and their guide, Roy are setting out into the forest. Hailey is suspicious of the brothers, as they haven’t come prepared for hiking in the woods like rangers would.

SOMEWHERE BELOW GROUND- Tommy and one of the other boys are strung up and we see something approach them. Tommy closes his eyes as the other boy screams and we presume he’s been torn apart by the creature.

BACK IN THE WOODS- Roy and Dean have words and Dean almost steps in a bear trap. Hailey confronts Dean again and Dean confesses to her he and Sam aren’t rangers and are looking for their missing father.

Eventually, they arrive at the ridge and find Tommy and the other boys tents ripped to shreds. Dean notes the bodies away. Suddenly, someone screams for help and the group go to check, when they return their packs are destroyed. Sam and Dean conclude they’re dealing with a ‘wendigo.’ They tell the others who are sceptical, and they decide to make camp for the night.

CAMPSITE THAT NIGHT- Dean draws Anasazi symbols on the ground for protection. He talks to Sam who can’t stop thinking about finding their dad. Dean tells him they have to help others when suddenly there are cries for help. Dean knows it’s the wendigo trying to lure them out. Roy ignores his warnings and the wendigo takes him and breaks his neck. (The others don’t see this)

NEXT MORNING- Sam and Dean explain a wendigo means ‘evil that devours,’ and that they’ve once been a human but they’ve at sometime been forced to eat human flesh to survive. Dean also says Tommy may still be alive, as wendigoes hoard food. He also says they need to burn, not shoot it.

HIKING THROUGH WOODS- Roy’s body falls on Hailey from the trees and everyone runs. Sam and Ben get split up from the others and the creature takes Dean and Hailey. Dean leaves a trail of M & M’s and Ben and Sam follow them to a tunnel entrance. They go inside and end up falling through the rotting floor into a pile of skeletons. They look around and find Dean, Hailey and Tommy hanging from the ceiling- they’re alive.

Sam and Ben cut them down, but Tommy is hurt. Dean finds two flare guns and comes up with a plan. He sends Sam to get the others out while he tries to goad the creature to go after him the other way.

Something growls near Sam’s group and he sends Hailey and her brothers out, knowing the wendigo wasn’t fooled by Dean’s ploy. He shoots at the creature and misses, and it comes for them all. ( Sam has caught Hailey, Ben and Tommy up) Luckily, Dean appears and shoots his flare, burning the creature.

RANGER STATION- Everyone tells the cops they were attacked by a bear. Hailey thanks Dean and then rides with Tommy and Ben in the ambulance. Dean says he hates camping, smiles and then says they’ll find their dad someday. Sam says yeah, but in the meantime he’s driving! The brothers drive away into the night.

H3. Episode Music

“Hot Blooded” by Foreigner
“Down South Jukin’” by Lynyrd Skynyrd
“Fly By Night” by Rush

01-01 Wendigo

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