Supernatural Campaigns

Campaign sites for Mike’s games that are Supernatural themed.


  • Chronicle 00: Origins
    • Prequel initiated 6/29/2013
  • Chronicle 01: Tentacle of Madness
    • Original campaign initiated ?/?/? and completed ?/?/?
  • Chronicle 02: Tentacle of Blood
    • Initiated ?/?/?
  • Chronicle 03: Tentacle of Power
    • Not started

About This Site

There are several tabs on this site that are the key to documenting this campaign. Below is a brief about each tab:

  • Home – This page is the home page, and is used for generic introduction only.
  • Adventure Log – We will keep the adventure log here, as it is searchable, however it flows with newest post on top.
  • Wiki – Documentation of the region and Rules will be kept here, no story info to be stored here…use Forums for that.
  • Characters – Each character or NPC will be posted here for reference, but only generic information needs to be posted.
  • Items – I have found that artifacts and major maigic items work well in this section, but don’t record anything else here.
  • Forums – Not used.
  • Calendar – We can put the play dates in here if we like, or not.
  • Maps – As maps are developed in the correct format, they can be stored here.
  • Comments – Not used…keep your fucking comments to yourself!


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