The previous session left off where Natalie, obviously a werewolf now, was exiting the warehouse being chased by the PCs. She got outside where Alex and Casper were waiting, and they both fired upon her. She went down hurt and fell unconscious. Sonny then searched her and found the Shard of Pride, and promptly gave it to Eddy. Sonny also found a scroll of Shield, and Eddy now has it in her posession.

Eddy, almost immediately, felt the effects of the shard, and anytime someone else was giving orders she became sickened. If she was the person in charge she no longer felt sickened. This went on for several hours and overnight. Overall the PCs believe that this effect was causing Natalie to act irrational, and power hungry. Therefore leaving to create her own gang and hell bent on “world dominiation”.

Back in the motel room, the captured Natalie was interrogated by everyone, and the PCs soon found out that Natalie didn’t remember anything since just before she somehow obtained the Shard of Pride. What she does remember is joining the Surenas gang, and starting to go through the initiation. She remembers a grey stone “box” that she later identifies as the Paradox Box. She remembers Carmen Ortiz messing with the box and saying a word that she does not remember. The box opened and Carmen took out the shard, and then all goes fuzzy from there.

Alex also informed and proved to Natalie that she was now a werewolf, which she did not remember becoming.

Sonny went out to call Sheila and inform her of finding Natalie, finding the Shard of Pride, and that Natalie doesn’t remember much over the past several days. Sheila indicated that she will be on the first flight out, so that Natalie is not travelling while not knowing how to control her werewolf traits. Sheila also has done research to understand that the shards all have a curse upon them unless an Attunement Stone is placed into the divit on each. The stones suppress the curse, and they also have a power themselves.

The next day Sheila shows up and gives Eddy the Attunement Stone called the Intuition Stone. This stone cleared the curse from Eddy immediately. Sheila and Natalie discuss more about the Paradox Box and find that there may be many different compartments that magically open up from the solid stone cube. Sheila indicates there may be several magic items within the Paradox Box, and that the PCs should go after it.

The PCs agree, and decide to go back to the warehouse and see if any of the Surenas gang is there to take 1 or 2 out. This plan was hatched so they didn’t have to fight 8 or more werewolves all at one time. Take out a few at a time. They decided to raid a vet or animal control office, and try to get tranquilizer darts and air guns to shoot the darts. Essentialy they don’t want to kill all the Surenas gang members, but rather subdue them, and then go after the Paradox Box.

After cruising around the block, the PCs noticed that the door to the warehouse was ajar, and they decided to enter. Inside the encountered 2 of the Surenas gang members and subdued them with tranquilizer darts. Sonny had a bit of hesitation at first, as he was gripped with fear about entering combat. During the scuffle Sonny was bit by one of the werewolves, however he made his fortitude save so he did not become a werewolf.

Upon searching the unconsious bodies they found the following itmes:

·Hide shirt x2
·Glock 17 x2
·46 bullets
·Knife x2
·Cat Burglar’s Boots
·Extraction Scarificator
·$81 and $80

Additionally they decided to tie up the werewolves and stash them into one of the normally empty side rooms in the warehouse until the Paradox Box is obtained.

Next session will be obtaining the the Paradox Box, and you will be level 3.5.

The AK 47 shot heard throughout Compton


Game Date 5/9/1986 – 5/13/1986. Compton, CA

Character Names



  • Setup for capturing a gang member in the park
  • A gang member showed up on the 4th night and proceeded to attack the manikin…uh in hybrid werewolf form. Sonny shot it once with an AK 47 and took her down with a critical hit.
  • Interrogated / befriended the gang member and found out that Natalie stole the shard piece and is holed up in an abandoned warehouse
  • Went to confront Natalie and ended up dealing with lots of illusions and fighting Natalie. Natalie indicated that she was going to start her own gang. She is a werewolf now and doesn’t want to be bothered with Sheila’s prerogatives.


  • After this session, level up to Level 3.
  • The quest to find and obtain the seven shards of sin is underway.
  • Next session finish up the combat with Natalie, and figure out the shard.
Straight "INTO" Compton


Game Date 5/5/1986 – 5/8/1986. Lawrence, KS and then Compton, CA Weather: 74 degrees, rainy.

Character Names



  • Sheila Heidmar discovers that Natalie Van Der Berg, a fellow hunter, went in search of a shard and since has gone missing. She also knows that Natalie went to Las Angeles to find the shard. Natalie keeps an apartment in Lawrence, KS, and was performing research at that apartment, last Sheila heard.
  • Natalie apparently tracked down a shard.
  • Natalie’s apartment: Somewhat well kept 1 bedroom apartment in a lower rent area of Lawrence, KS. Furnishings are minimal, and clothing in closets and dressers is also minimal. This appears to be an occasional residence. Found:
    • Good polaroid photograph of Natalie (character portrait)
    • Airline receipt from MCI to LAX
    • Regional map of LA with the city Compton circled on it
    • Piece of wadded up notepaper in a trash can that has a bunch of general notes and one of the lines just has Surenas on it circled a lot of times. Also on the paper is a phone number for a Holiday Inn (Know Local DC 10 to determine it is CA Number)
    • Sealed envelope with Sheila Heidmar written on it. Opening it finds that there is a personal note to Sheila asking her to handle her estate incase of her demise, a power of attorney, and a Will.
    • Stack of books on her table. Found that there are 7 different shards, and they all should be able to be reassembled somehow into one “star”.
      • Green – dispel magic
      • Sand – drains life
      • Black – makes you faster
      • Dark Red – suggestion
      • Copper – illusion
      • Blue-Green – summon monsters
      • Silver – fireball
  • Crime is up and more than average missing person reports have been filed in the past 3 months
  • Rumors about human trafficking by the Mexican Mafia has increased lately
  • Human trafficking rumors are believed to be falsely exaggerated by the Bloods to try and take out Surenos by way of police intervention
  • Surenos Spanish for “Southerners” (Surenas for females)
  • Compton has 3 gang territories, Bloods, Crips, and Surenos
  • Surenos (male) and Surenas (female) gangs are present in Compton and other locations, and represent the Mexican Mafia.
  • A Blood gang boy of 13 years old, was apparently attacked by a werewolf gang member of Suranas. Rumor has it that all Suranas gang members are werewolves.
  • Sonny went and purchased implements for making silver bullets.
  • Bought a manikin


  • After this session, level up to Level 2.5.
  • The quest to find and obtain the seven shards of sin is underway.
  • Next session will try and bait a “Surenas” gang member to come and attack the manikin. Continue trying to find Natalie, and then the shard.


Game Date 4/26/1986. Dooley farm northeast of Lawrence, KS. Weather: 76 degrees, clear with good visibility, and breezy.

Character Names



  • Casper Blake was not able to attend the ritual due to other prior obligations with his family.
  • Ritual @ Dooley farm and fight a Plague Shadow and three regular shadows. The three regular shadows took on the form of Frank, Jane, and Meli. After 1 complete minute of ritual, they are all finally dispatched. Greg has really good notes on this session.
    • Angela Lynn Noble is nearly killed by a shadow, and was only saved because Sara Dooley was nearby to save her.
    • David “Sonny” South was infected by the Plague Shadow’s Shadow Blight Curse/Disease. David “Sonny” South must roll a fortitude save of DC 16 or take 1d8 STR damage daily. Sara has agreed to stay with David “Sonny” South or be available every day to cast Bless and Guidance to boost his save efforts. She also will be providing Lesser Restoration daily if needed to keep him from turning into a Plague Shadow.
      • The Shadow Blight can only be cured with successive Remove Curse and Remove Disease, in that order and within 1 minute of each other. Sara does not know either of these spells yet (she must be able to cast 3rd level cleric spells).
  • All of you get invited to dinner 7 days (on 5/2/1986) after the ritual at J. Gilberts. Joe Singer, Bobby Singer (Joe’s uncle), Sara Dooley, and Sheila Heidmar (a local shop owner and Joe Singer’s girlfriend).
    • Sheila talks up the group and confesses she knows much more about the supernatural than she orignally let on. Boobby is also well versed in supernatural. The name John is passed around the dinner table, because he is a “hunter” in search of the yellow eyed demon. That demon killed John’s wife Mary, and nearly killed his infant son Sam. John has another son named Dean who is older than Sam. A last name was not given.


  • After this session, level up to Level 2. Each of you will gain 1d6 sanity back at gaining 2nd level.
  • The quest to find and obtain the seven shards of sin was revealed at dinner, and Sheila will be helping them, among regular research, to seek out these shards.
Death comes in threes


Game Date 4/23/1986 – 4/25/1986. Haskell University and Dooley farm in Lawrence, KS.



After the cockroach mishap on the Dooley farm, you all were very glad to get back to a normal life, for all of 15 minutes. The next day in the news you find out that a professor at Haskell University was killed brutally on 4/24/1986 on the Dooley farm. That made you all question if the cockroach mishap was really resolved.

So on 4/25 each of you individually (for the most part) start to investigate. After inquiring with the Dooley’s you find out that Professor Jane Moema had taken some bones back to her lab at the university. Somehow, coincidentally you all just happened to “meet up” at the school. Overall you enter into the university under the guise of potential students, and sneak off and find the professor’s classroom/lab. There you discovered that the professor had an assistant that had also handled the bones. You go to check on the assistant Meli.

Meli’s roommate answers the door, and you can see that she has clearly been crying. You ask for Meli, and the roommate informs you that she was brutally murdered yesterday on 4/24 (the same way as the professor). And coincidentally at the same time of day. This now has you all freaked out, and it coming up on 4:30pm on 4/25, so you wonder what is going to happen now.

At some point you end up spilling the entire situation to another professor at the Haskell univeristy. Professor Howi Sarsi is a firm believer of those things supernatural, and he shares your conclusion that the spirits must be laid to rest. He has access to a ritual that must be performed. In addition he loans you two indian artifacts from the school. An “Indian Tomahawk” and “Indian Spear” (both magical and in the items tab). You go to check on the assistant Meli.

You hurriedly head back to the Dooley farm to find Frank Dooley was just killed in the same way…Sara is devastated.

Killing Timeline:

Next Session

  • Still level 1

Need to perform the ritual at the old Indian grounds burial site:

  • All 14 bone pieces must be returned
  • Must be at the same time as when it was disturbed (4:30pm)
  • 4/26 at 4:30 will be the ritual time
  • David “Sonny” South will perform the ritual and must pass the tests
Roaches of the deep


Game Date 4/22/1986. Dooley farm northeast of Lawrence, KS

Character Names



Frank is having septic and lateral field built south of the new farm house, and the excavators are out today digging the trenches and place for the tank.

  • Mid-day there is a bit of commotion out by the lateral field
  • Joe Singer, the excavation foreman, and Frank enter into a bit of an argument, but they are too far away to be overheard.
  • Joe is pointing excitedly into a freshly dug ditch, and to a pile of dirt next to it.
  • Joe is informing Frank that they must stop digging because they just uncovered bones.
    • The bones and surrounding underground land are saturated with cockroaches
  • Frank doesn’t care and indicates that these parts are all filled with animal bones.
  • Joe believes they are human, and that the authorities need to be notified.

You investigate the pit with bones, and a Cockroach Swarm appears from within a crack that quickly forms. Some weird things happen while you all defeat the swarm, and you find that Sara Dooley has some hidden perhaps even latent powers that she was able to help you all with.

You all end up going down into the crack that is in the hole…um yeah.

Down within the crack you go up against an icky horror (Qlippoth, Cythnigot)that is made of up cockroach parts, and is grotesquely formed. You finally dispatch it, and determine that it has been down in this crack for a very long time. This is not the end of the tale, but that is all you have come up with so far…


After this session here are your current sanity levels are:

  • Alex 72
  • Casper 61
  • Angela 56
  • Sonny 65
  • Eddy 78

Each of you will gain 1d6 sanity back at gaining 1st level.

All of the items that were borrowed from the barn are to be given back. Frank is willing for you to continue to investigate the bones site anytime you like. Frank is also willing to pay each of you $50 for the work you did to help save the farm from the infestation of cockroaches and nasty creature in the hole. The work performed for 3 days of work was $30 a day. This totals $140 for your use.

You spend the next 2 days finishing up the work so the well diggers can come out and put in the well and purification system. Obviously the septic lateral field will have to be relocated. Other construction continues as expected.

During the next week each of you go through your own trials and tribulations that grant you access to your first class abilities. You can also equip yourselves with whatever you need for investigations into the boneyard.

The Story So Far

In-game Date: 4/22/1986

Location: A few miles northeast of Lawrence, KS

Weather: Partly cloudy, 78 degrees, breezy south wind 9 MPH

A new house is being built on the Dooley farm that lies between Lawrence, KS and De Soto, KS. The new house is a ranch built on piers that are buried six feet in the ground, with a crawlspace of about 2 feet. 50 or so yards off to the east side of the house is an old dilapidated barn, and about 200 feet further east is the old farm house. Both the barn and old farm house have seen better days, and therefore are both being replaced. The new barn construction will begin as soon as the old house is torn down, since the barn will be built on that same lot.

The farmer has hired some college students from KU, and/or some other local youngsters (the players) from the area to help clear out a densely overgrown area just west of the incomplete house. He previously had his farm professionally surveyed to determine the best spot to dig a well. That overgrown section you are clearing out is the perfect spot.

He wants his helpers to cut down the trees and remove all of the shrubs in that area so that the well diggers can get back into that area and dig the hole. He also wants it cleared out enough to install a water purification system and then build a shed around it. It will take about 3 days’ worth of cutting and hauling the shrub and tree debris to a spot where it can be burned.

The first day of clearing out the area has gone as planned, and you were all tired at the end of the day. If any of you hang out that evening before day 2, that is up to you, as you all have either just met or knew each other prior to this job. If you prefer you can even have previously know the Dooleys.

Today is day 2 of the debris removal project, and you have all just arrived in your own transportation or car pooled. Farmer Frank Dooley has just emerged from his old farm house, and he is making his way towards you all, still in your vehicles. He is smiling pleasantly and greets you warmly. You see his wife Sara step out on the old house front porch and wave politely to you all.

We will pick it up from here on game day.


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