Straight "INTO" Compton


Game Date 5/5/1986 – 5/8/1986. Lawrence, KS and then Compton, CA Weather: 74 degrees, rainy.

Character Names



  • Sheila Heidmar discovers that Natalie Van Der Berg, a fellow hunter, went in search of a shard and since has gone missing. She also knows that Natalie went to Las Angeles to find the shard. Natalie keeps an apartment in Lawrence, KS, and was performing research at that apartment, last Sheila heard.
  • Natalie apparently tracked down a shard.
  • Natalie’s apartment: Somewhat well kept 1 bedroom apartment in a lower rent area of Lawrence, KS. Furnishings are minimal, and clothing in closets and dressers is also minimal. This appears to be an occasional residence. Found:
    • Good polaroid photograph of Natalie (character portrait)
    • Airline receipt from MCI to LAX
    • Regional map of LA with the city Compton circled on it
    • Piece of wadded up notepaper in a trash can that has a bunch of general notes and one of the lines just has Surenas on it circled a lot of times. Also on the paper is a phone number for a Holiday Inn (Know Local DC 10 to determine it is CA Number)
    • Sealed envelope with Sheila Heidmar written on it. Opening it finds that there is a personal note to Sheila asking her to handle her estate incase of her demise, a power of attorney, and a Will.
    • Stack of books on her table. Found that there are 7 different shards, and they all should be able to be reassembled somehow into one “star”.
      • Green – dispel magic
      • Sand – drains life
      • Black – makes you faster
      • Dark Red – suggestion
      • Copper – illusion
      • Blue-Green – summon monsters
      • Silver – fireball
  • Crime is up and more than average missing person reports have been filed in the past 3 months
  • Rumors about human trafficking by the Mexican Mafia has increased lately
  • Human trafficking rumors are believed to be falsely exaggerated by the Bloods to try and take out Surenos by way of police intervention
  • Surenos Spanish for “Southerners” (Surenas for females)
  • Compton has 3 gang territories, Bloods, Crips, and Surenos
  • Surenos (male) and Surenas (female) gangs are present in Compton and other locations, and represent the Mexican Mafia.
  • A Blood gang boy of 13 years old, was apparently attacked by a werewolf gang member of Suranas. Rumor has it that all Suranas gang members are werewolves.
  • Sonny went and purchased implements for making silver bullets.
  • Bought a manikin


  • After this session, level up to Level 2.5.
  • The quest to find and obtain the seven shards of sin is underway.
  • Next session will try and bait a “Surenas” gang member to come and attack the manikin. Continue trying to find Natalie, and then the shard.



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