Game Date 4/22/1986. Dooley farm northeast of Lawrence, KS

Character Names



Frank is having septic and lateral field built south of the new farm house, and the excavators are out today digging the trenches and place for the tank.

  • Mid-day there is a bit of commotion out by the lateral field
  • Joe Singer, the excavation foreman, and Frank enter into a bit of an argument, but they are too far away to be overheard.
  • Joe is pointing excitedly into a freshly dug ditch, and to a pile of dirt next to it.
  • Joe is informing Frank that they must stop digging because they just uncovered bones.
    • The bones and surrounding underground land are saturated with cockroaches
  • Frank doesn’t care and indicates that these parts are all filled with animal bones.
  • Joe believes they are human, and that the authorities need to be notified.

You investigate the pit with bones, and a Cockroach Swarm appears from within a crack that quickly forms. Some weird things happen while you all defeat the swarm, and you find that Sara Dooley has some hidden perhaps even latent powers that she was able to help you all with.

You all end up going down into the crack that is in the hole…um yeah.

Down within the crack you go up against an icky horror (Qlippoth, Cythnigot)that is made of up cockroach parts, and is grotesquely formed. You finally dispatch it, and determine that it has been down in this crack for a very long time. This is not the end of the tale, but that is all you have come up with so far…


After this session here are your current sanity levels are:

  • Alex 72
  • Casper 61
  • Angela 56
  • Sonny 65
  • Eddy 78

Each of you will gain 1d6 sanity back at gaining 1st level.

All of the items that were borrowed from the barn are to be given back. Frank is willing for you to continue to investigate the bones site anytime you like. Frank is also willing to pay each of you $50 for the work you did to help save the farm from the infestation of cockroaches and nasty creature in the hole. The work performed for 3 days of work was $30 a day. This totals $140 for your use.

You spend the next 2 days finishing up the work so the well diggers can come out and put in the well and purification system. Obviously the septic lateral field will have to be relocated. Other construction continues as expected.

During the next week each of you go through your own trials and tribulations that grant you access to your first class abilities. You can also equip yourselves with whatever you need for investigations into the boneyard.



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