In-game Date: 4/22/1986

Location: A few miles northeast of Lawrence, KS

Weather: Partly cloudy, 78 degrees, breezy south wind 9 MPH

A new house is being built on the Dooley farm that lies between Lawrence, KS and De Soto, KS. The new house is a ranch built on piers that are buried six feet in the ground, with a crawlspace of about 2 feet. 50 or so yards off to the east side of the house is an old dilapidated barn, and about 200 feet further east is the old farm house. Both the barn and old farm house have seen better days, and therefore are both being replaced. The new barn construction will begin as soon as the old house is torn down, since the barn will be built on that same lot.

The farmer has hired some college students from KU, and/or some other local youngsters (the players) from the area to help clear out a densely overgrown area just west of the incomplete house. He previously had his farm professionally surveyed to determine the best spot to dig a well. That overgrown section you are clearing out is the perfect spot.

He wants his helpers to cut down the trees and remove all of the shrubs in that area so that the well diggers can get back into that area and dig the hole. He also wants it cleared out enough to install a water purification system and then build a shed around it. It will take about 3 days’ worth of cutting and hauling the shrub and tree debris to a spot where it can be burned.

The first day of clearing out the area has gone as planned, and you were all tired at the end of the day. If any of you hang out that evening before day 2, that is up to you, as you all have either just met or knew each other prior to this job. If you prefer you can even have previously know the Dooleys.

Today is day 2 of the debris removal project, and you have all just arrived in your own transportation or car pooled. Farmer Frank Dooley has just emerged from his old farm house, and he is making his way towards you all, still in your vehicles. He is smiling pleasantly and greets you warmly. You see his wife Sara step out on the old house front porch and wave politely to you all.

We will pick it up from here on game day.



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