Casey Brentwood


Born: 7:38am, May 9th, 1980 in Peoria, Illinois,_Illinois


  • Father: Darren Michael Brentwood, born January 18th, 1954
  • Mother: Suzanne Elizabeth Brentwood (Jensen) , born September 23rd, 1957 (Deceased – August 8th, 1988)
  • Sister: Amelia Marie Brentwood, born April 30th, 1982




Grymm and the Reapers

  • Grymm (Casey Brentwood)– lead guitar, keyboard, vocals
  • Scratch (Joel Macy) – bass guitar
  • Thump (Derek Ossar) – drums
  • First album (July 2001) – Croatoan (Controversy: Intimdator)
  • Second album (November 2002) – Unnatural Disasters (Hit:W.T.C.)

Grymm (solo artist)

  • First album (January 2004) – Reaped


  • Childhood
  • Death of Mother
  • High School
  • College
  • Career
  • Lawsuit brought by Teresa Earnhardt against the band for defamation of character of Dale Earnhardt, Sr. in 2001.
  • Conflict in 2003 over potential use of “Intimidator” in the soundtrack for 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story. A request from Dale Earnhardt, Jr. convinced Casey that the issue was not worth fighting over and the song was not used in the movie, which ESPN released on December 11, 2004.
  • Conflict within the band over direction, potential for Grymm to go solo in 2003.
  • Death of band members Derek Ossar and Joel Macy in accident in 2003.


Snipe, Josh

Home Address:
3123 Koontz Lane
Van Nuys, CA 91405

Sex: Male
Birthday: September 13, 1976
Home Email Address:
Mobile Phone: 818-756-0163
Occupation: Music Artist Agent
Employer: Pacific Music Incorporated

Work Address:
Pacific Music, Incorporated
9190 W Olympic Blvd #167
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Work Email Address:
Work Phone: 310-497-1510
Background: Josh was a low grade agent when he met you and your band. You were his big ticket, and he has made a fortune off of the band and now you as a solo artist. He would probably do anything for you.

Gigi Graciette

Home Address:
3767 Middleville Road
Los Angeles, CA 92614
Sex: F
Birthday: October 27, 1968
Home Email Address:
Mobile Phone: 626-383-6891
Occupation: General Reporter
Employer: FOX 11 in LA, CA

Work Address:
1999 South Bundy Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Work Phone: 310-584-2000

Gigi interviewed you prior to a concert in LA several years ago. She was instantly fascinated by your persona and your ability to have two sides of your character. You let down your “rock star” personality long enough for her to like you, and she decided to befriend you. The relationship has never gone past friendship, although you suspect that she might be interested in more.

When your fellow band members were killed, she sought you out and offered comfort. You and her have a love for the “old stuff”, although she does not know how much you love it. She was going to take an extended vacation with you (just as friends), but her father died just weeks before departure. You offered her comfort and she was grateful, but the time soon came to leave and she declined to go. She made you go…she needed some space. Gigi profoundly believes in the afterlife and would be willing to help track down or do research on your behalf on the subject.


Casey Brentwood

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