The previous session left off where Natalie, obviously a werewolf now, was exiting the warehouse being chased by the PCs. She got outside where Alex and Casper were waiting, and they both fired upon her. She went down hurt and fell unconscious. Sonny then searched her and found the Shard of Pride, and promptly gave it to Eddy. Sonny also found a scroll of Shield, and Eddy now has it in her posession.

Eddy, almost immediately, felt the effects of the shard, and anytime someone else was giving orders she became sickened. If she was the person in charge she no longer felt sickened. This went on for several hours and overnight. Overall the PCs believe that this effect was causing Natalie to act irrational, and power hungry. Therefore leaving to create her own gang and hell bent on “world dominiation”.

Back in the motel room, the captured Natalie was interrogated by everyone, and the PCs soon found out that Natalie didn’t remember anything since just before she somehow obtained the Shard of Pride. What she does remember is joining the Surenas gang, and starting to go through the initiation. She remembers a grey stone “box” that she later identifies as the Paradox Box. She remembers Carmen Ortiz messing with the box and saying a word that she does not remember. The box opened and Carmen took out the shard, and then all goes fuzzy from there.

Alex also informed and proved to Natalie that she was now a werewolf, which she did not remember becoming.

Sonny went out to call Sheila and inform her of finding Natalie, finding the Shard of Pride, and that Natalie doesn’t remember much over the past several days. Sheila indicated that she will be on the first flight out, so that Natalie is not travelling while not knowing how to control her werewolf traits. Sheila also has done research to understand that the shards all have a curse upon them unless an Attunement Stone is placed into the divit on each. The stones suppress the curse, and they also have a power themselves.

The next day Sheila shows up and gives Eddy the Attunement Stone called the Intuition Stone. This stone cleared the curse from Eddy immediately. Sheila and Natalie discuss more about the Paradox Box and find that there may be many different compartments that magically open up from the solid stone cube. Sheila indicates there may be several magic items within the Paradox Box, and that the PCs should go after it.

The PCs agree, and decide to go back to the warehouse and see if any of the Surenas gang is there to take 1 or 2 out. This plan was hatched so they didn’t have to fight 8 or more werewolves all at one time. Take out a few at a time. They decided to raid a vet or animal control office, and try to get tranquilizer darts and air guns to shoot the darts. Essentialy they don’t want to kill all the Surenas gang members, but rather subdue them, and then go after the Paradox Box.

After cruising around the block, the PCs noticed that the door to the warehouse was ajar, and they decided to enter. Inside the encountered 2 of the Surenas gang members and subdued them with tranquilizer darts. Sonny had a bit of hesitation at first, as he was gripped with fear about entering combat. During the scuffle Sonny was bit by one of the werewolves, however he made his fortitude save so he did not become a werewolf.

Upon searching the unconsious bodies they found the following itmes:

·Hide shirt x2
·Glock 17 x2
·46 bullets
·Knife x2
·Cat Burglar’s Boots
·Extraction Scarificator
·$81 and $80

Additionally they decided to tie up the werewolves and stash them into one of the normally empty side rooms in the warehouse until the Paradox Box is obtained.

Next session will be obtaining the the Paradox Box, and you will be level 3.5.



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