The AK 47 shot heard throughout Compton


Game Date 5/9/1986 – 5/13/1986. Compton, CA

Character Names



  • Setup for capturing a gang member in the park
  • A gang member showed up on the 4th night and proceeded to attack the manikin…uh in hybrid werewolf form. Sonny shot it once with an AK 47 and took her down with a critical hit.
  • Interrogated / befriended the gang member and found out that Natalie stole the shard piece and is holed up in an abandoned warehouse
  • Went to confront Natalie and ended up dealing with lots of illusions and fighting Natalie. Natalie indicated that she was going to start her own gang. She is a werewolf now and doesn’t want to be bothered with Sheila’s prerogatives.


  • After this session, level up to Level 3.
  • The quest to find and obtain the seven shards of sin is underway.
  • Next session finish up the combat with Natalie, and figure out the shard.



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